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Pirate Birthday Party-in-a-Package

Pirate Birthday Party-in-a-Package


Best For: An adventurous elementary to lower middle school birthday kid, and their friends, who loves to search for treasure

Estimated Party Length: 90 minutes of activities; best to add time for cake and presents, if needed

Number of Participants: Small (2-6) or Large (7-12); Include the birthday child in your count as they will fully participate in all activities alongside their shipmates!  



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Here it is - the first ever Falk birthday party, re-created as a Party-in-a-Package so you can experience the party that started it all! House of Hospitality was launched from the theme parties hosted by the Falk family for the past 20 years. The Pirate Birthday Party is a fan favorite - every Falk had a Pirate Party in their younger years. Kids can come dressed as a pirate (a simple bandanna will do!) and experience the thrills and adventures of life on the high seas, searching for treasure whilst being chased by other pirates. A story unfolds throughout this party with activities and tasks to accomplish in order to learn more about the fate of all who “boarded”!  Ahoy matey! 


*Pirate ship, figures, and flag for display purposes only. Other items shown are included supplies to complete all games and activities in this package.

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