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In the Falk family, there are eight of us with very different personalities, life goals, and interests; but something we all have in common is our ability to host and make people feel welcome. We always try to create a place of belonging for people, especially those who may be lonely, hurting, or feel unseen. Over the course of our lives, our house has always been the place where everyone is welcome – there’s always a seat at the table. Mom has affectionately called our home the “House of Hospitality” our whole lives. Any of our friends could stay for dinner or sleepover without any notice. For birthdays, the whole class would always be invited to our house for themed parties; no one was left out. These parties, though primarily fun, had a deeper purpose, one that is innate within us that we have never put into words: to make guests feel like family. And they did. Guests would constantly ask when they could come back for the next party at the Falk house. Seeing the laughing, smiling faces throughout our home sparked an idea within us. What stemmed from children’s birthday parties developed into something more.

Thus, House of Hospitality was born.

Stone Tower


Empowering YOU to create your own house of hospitality


Meet the Team
House of Hospitality

Mary Kay Falk

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House of Hospitality

Kaitlyn Falk

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Creative Director

House of Hospitality

Erin Falk

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Director of Media and Marketing

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