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Royals Birthday Party-in-a-Package

Royals Birthday Party-in-a-Package


Best For: A royal elementary to lower middle school birthday kid, and their friends, who loves medieval everything, from mythical creatures to jousting tournaments- and everything in between.

Estimated Party Length 90 minutes of activities; best to add time for cake and presents, if needed

Number of Participants: Small (2-6) or Large (7-12); Include the birthday child in your count as they will fully participate in all activities alongside their lieges! 



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Who wouldn’t enjoy being treated like royalty? Your child and guests can be transported back to the Medieval world of monarchs and nobles!  Kids can come dressed as a member of the royal court (a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, or even Jester are great ideas!) and experience the thrills and adventures of life in Medieval times. Here they will partake in various activities to bond together and work against an evil curse and restore your child’s “Name Day” Celebration! 


*The photo above is staged. Toys and decor are not included in your Party-in-a-Package. Included in this box are the supplies needed to complete all games and activities.

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