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Giving Thanks (All Year Round!) Digital Download Cards

Giving Thanks (All Year Round!) Digital Download Cards


Target Audience: All people of all ages looking to foster a sense of appreciation and share it with family and friends  

Estimated Time of Use: As much or as little as you want! It could be a few minutes at a time using a prompt with a partner or an evening of sharing with family and friends

Number of Participants: Best with a partner or small group, but could be done alone



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This quick and easy digital download gives you introspective and reflective questions to help you cultivate “an attitude of gratitude”.  While Thanksgiving is a day we reflect and give thanks for the positives in our life, turning this into a daily habit, or a mindset, can actually provide some health benefits. People who practice gratitude report fewer physical illnesses and better mental health. These conversation cards are easily accessible on your device so you can use them anywhere with friends, family, or by yourself. Change impatience and frustration into being thankful for an opportunity to reflect. This could be done as you read a prompt to a friend while standing in line during your holiday shopping or to your family around the dinner table. You could even turn it into a group activity where you take turns reading and answering prompts. Consider reading a prompt every day and keeping a journal for your answers. The possibilities are endless!

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