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Adult Birthday Party-in-a-Package

Adult Birthday Party-in-a-Package


Best For: A group of teen or adult friends with playful attitudes ready to get silly and have fun celebrating a birthday

Estimated Party Length: 90 minutes of activities; best paired with mingling and conversation between games

Number of Participants: 2-12 guests plus the birthday honoree



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You asked, we created! Our original thought for this company was to take all of our childhood birthday parties and create versions that others could host on their own. Many of our friends asked, “When will you make a party for adults?” We got to work and created just the thing for adults to remember being little: when laughing and being silly was a necessary part of life. Whether you’re drinking as you go or staying sober, these activities will not only have you roaring with laughter, you will also get to know and honor your birthday friend while flexing some of the creativity of your youth.

This party hosts up to 12 guests. The birthday honoree will be busy mingling and monitoring to see who knows the most about them by the end of the night. This package does include some prepping with information specific to the birthday honoree. If you are hosting a surprise party for a friend, it is suggested that you order with enough time to read through the activities and secretly find out any facts about your friend that you do not know yet


*The photo above is staged. Drinks and food are not included in your Party-in-a-Package. Included in this box are the supplies needed to complete all games and activities.

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